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The Crimes Of God: The Physics Thriller

I'm posting a blog on my website after a long time, for which I apologize. In this blog, I will answer some frequently asked questions about The Crimes Of God. If you're wondering what the hell am I talking about, let me just go over the idea briefly. For the past few months, I started thinking about writing a new book. But due to my academics and other responsibilities, I couldn't proceed more than just fixing the title and theme of the book and preparing a rough outline of the chapters. So anyway, I decided to write another popular science book on physics (like Our Physics So Far), but in a different way. I have always been a fan of crime thrillers, and as some of you might know, I have even written an original Sherlock Holmes story: The Adventure Of The Injured Cabman. I decided to try and blend physics with thriller. And the result: The Crimes Of God.

Our hero (maybe villain would be a better word) in this crime thriller (or should I say physics thriller?) is none other than God. He is easily much more intelligent and dangerous than even the most infamous criminal on the planet. Most of us revere and worship him (please forgive me for not writing "Him"), and some of us (the scientists) focus on investigating his crimes instead. And this investigation into the heart and soul of the universe we live in is no easy task, even for the best detectives (I mean, the best scientists). They have been trying to solve this case with all their brains for thousands of years, and yeah, they have uncovered a lot of important information about the crime and the criminal. But they are nowhere near to solving the case. And what more, this criminal could be fooling the detectives with false evidences and sending them down the wrong path. Although they feel like they are making a lot of progress, they will never be able to reach this criminal.

So, what exactly is God's crime? His crime is creating the universe. Again, we don't know whether God exists at all, leave alone the idea of him creating the universe, but I just use the term "creating the universe" as a figure of speech. And yeah, the fact that I'm writing a book titled The Crimes Of God doesn't mean I've started believing in God. I don't believe in any religious God, and if it's a question of the physics God ("What one man calls God, another calls the laws of physics." - Nikola Tesla), I'd say I'm an agnostic. And I believe it is either possible to achieve a complete understanding of the universe or it's not possible, because of our limitations. But invoking God whenever there is a question we can't answer doesn't seem like the correct strategy to me. We must accept that there will always be some questions which we can't answer.

Now, what is God's crime? First let me make it very clear that I have no intention of insulting God or any religion. The Crimes Of God is supposed to be a popular science book on physics written like a crime thriller and so the title is The Crimes Of God. So yeah, what's the crime? Don't take it seriously, but here's my answer. The crime is manipulating a constant, stable and uniform state of existence (nothingness) to somehow set off a long series of events that led to the creation of the universe, and eventually life on Earth. Or in other words, God is the murderer of nothingness. Again, this is just a figure of speech. It's one possibility that the universe came from nothing, but there are alternative explanations and ideas, like the universe going through a cycle of births and deaths and rebirths, or the universe always existing (there being no beginning or end). Now, why is murdering nothingness a crime? Because this has led to the creation of conscious beings (us) who don't have enough capacity to understand the mysteries of their origin and existence. Like a lock without a key; a problem without a solution. And in The Crimes Of God, we will try to build a key to open this lock. Let's see if we can bring God to justice!

So stay tuned for The Crimes Of God, although I promise it's gonna be a very long wait. And feel free to email me with your ideas or suggestions regarding the book. Visit this page of my website to know more about The Crimes Of God.

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