Arpan Dey is currently a science student at Delhi Public School, Burdwan (which is a small town in West Bengal, India). He is interested in physics, mathematics and metaphysics (particularly in quantum mechanics, chaos theory, loop quantum gravity, consciousness etc.). He has published some of his science articles (original research and review) with Young Scientists Journal, where he also works as senior physics editor. He is a member of the Scientific and Medical Network and he has also been a young member of the New York Academy of Sciences. He has published a popular science book on physics, consciousness and metaphysics, which is available for purchase internationally. He has also published a second book on consciousness, arguing why consciousness is not emergent from matter, but a fundamental aspect of reality. He has tried to determine the limits of physics and metaphysics in this book as well. He runs a physics blogging site, The Journal of Young Physicists, where students can submit their physics articles for review and publication. He also uploads videos related to physics, mathematics, philosophy, aviation and anything else he finds interesting to his YouTube channel.

In his free time, Arpan likes to read popular science and fiction. He will also be working on educating underprivileged children in villages of West Bengal. He also writes songs, produces music and collaborates with vocalists and producers from around the world to release original songs. He has an official artist channel on YouTube where he releases his music and lyric videos. He has released his debut album titled Unsettled bliss, which contains ten original songs. Although he puts some of his time and efforts into music, he wishes to pursue physics in the future.