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Arpan Dey, 19, is a physics undergraduate and science writer based in India. In physics, he is particularly interested in quantum mechanics, particle physics, quantum gravity, chaos theory, complexity and the philosophy of physics. When doing science, he puts special emphasis on the quest to gain an understanding of the ultimate nature of reality; he tries to always keep the big picture in mind and, as far as possible, not get bogged down too much in the details. Besides researching physics in order to better understand the fundamental nature of reality, he is actively involved in science popularization and science communication. He has published some of his science articles (original research and review) with Young Scientists Journal, where he also works as senior physics editor. He has presented some of his papers at different conferences. He has also published a popular science book on physics (Our Physics So Far) and founded a physics journal (The Journal of Young Physicists) committed to popularizing physics and fostering the growth of young physicists. He has been interviewed by several individuals/organizations and featured in many articles. He also writes songs, produces music and collaborates with vocalists and producers from around the world to release original songs. He has an artist channel on YouTube where he releases his music and lyric videos. He has released his debut album titled Unsettled Bliss, which contains ten original songs. Although he puts some of his time and efforts into music (and a lot of other things!), he aspires to be a theoretical physicist and science popularizer in the future.

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