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Young author Arpan Dey talks about his

book Our physics so far - Arpan's exclusive interview with The Literature Times

The journey of a young physicist - Arpan featured in an episode of the Young Scientists Journal podcast STEMz Perspectives, in which he talks about his journey and science popularization with host Mayank Dora

Interview with an aspiring physicist - Arpan's exclusive interview with Aaradhana Umesh

Teen physicist Arpan explores consciousness - Arpan's exclusive story published on Global Indian, written by Darshana Ramdev

A comprehensive discussion on the most exciting topics in physics with Arpan Dey - Arpan’s special article for the Journal of Young Physicists, in which he answers 55 exciting physics questions

All that matters is physics - Arpan's exclusive interview with Hasini LakshmiNarayanan



"Ordered complexity is a fortunate product of seemingly random processes."

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