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Arpan's debut book - Our physics so far - is a popular science book on the journey of physics, with discussions on consciousness, neuroscience and metaphysics. The updated edition of Our physics so far is a thoroughly revised, updated, more rigorous and more scientific version of the original book. The updated edition deals with the big questions in physics and consciousness in a better way, reflecting Arpan's extensive research and modified worldview. Arpan has also improved his writing style, the flow of the book and a lot of other stuff in this new edition.

The adventure of the injured cabman is a Sherlock Holmes adventure by Arpan, an enthralling story that retains the original flavor of Conan Doyle's famous detective. A cabman is shot in broad daylight, and is taken to the Scotland Yard hospital. Holmes is called upon to investigate, but the injured cabman escapes from the Yard hospital, and Holmes smells deception in the case. A young lad is standing guard over Holmes's rooms, but who is he? There was a cabman connected with Professor Moriarty's gang which smuggled drugs, but is this cabman somehow related to that one? The book also contains a short story by Arpan: The last lure. 

The wizarding world is a book inspired by J. K. Rowling's fictional universe of Harry Potter. The author is an undercover wizard who discusses theories of wizarding origins, how wizards were driven into hiding by Muggles during the DARK AGES (spelled in capital by wizards in an attempt to remember the horrors of those times), and the present day. Packed with crazy theories of wizarding origins and a highly-relatable history of the wizarding world of Harry Potter, the book promises to be a highly enjoyable read for Potterheads!

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