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What's The Deal With The Updated Edition Of Our Physics So Far?

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

Update: The updated edition of Our Physics So Far is out now! Click here (India) or here (international) to order your copy now.


When I reread the original edition of Our Physics So Far, I found that some of the physics is outdated. There have been a lot of breakthroughs in physics since the publication of the book (or even before, but I came to know about them after the publication of the original edition). Also, there are some arguments about consciousness and metaphysics in the original edition which I now think are flawed. To be honest, the original edition was put together rather hastily (not for any particular reason, but there you go). I have learned about a lot of new and interesting stuff since the publication of the book. My opinions about certain topics have changed (although note that even the opinions presented in the updated edition are subject to change in the future). So, I thought it best to include all these ideas in an updated edition of my book. That's why I decided to launch the updated edition (it's almost ready, and will be published soon). In this new edition, there are a lot of changes from the original edition in the structure and content. And note that I have tried to keep the updated edition as short as possible, but it is a bit longer than the original edition. I have attempted to explain all the relevant concepts simply, without going into technicalities. I have tried to resolve all the other little problems and rectify the other errors as well in this edition to the best of my abilities. And also, as in the original edition, the interview with Edward Witten is included in the book. I have addressed a lot of misconceptions as well in this updated edition. It will, in general, give you a better and more accurate understanding of physics (and consciousness). I have put in a lot of effort and research into this second edition, so I think we can say it will definitely be better than the first. (I really apologize to those who've bought and read the original edition!)

And one more thing, as you may already know from the first edition, although this book is about the journey of physics (which is obvious from the title), there is some discussion on consciousness and metaphysics near the end. But please note that I've tried to keep the new edition as scientific as possible. I've removed all the unnecessary unscientific discussions (or the speculations which are not backed up by evidence) from this new edition, which are present in the original edition. I've mentioned all the possibilities in the updated edition, but focused more on those which are scientific and backed up by evidence. One more thing, you don't need the original edition to make sense of this one. This is just a better, revised and updated edition of Our Physics So Far. It contains almost all the original content, and more. If you haven't read the original edition, and would like to explore the world of physics, then I would recommend you to read the updated edition. If you've read the original edition, you will not learn anything entirely new from the updated edition, but if you want to read the same content in a better way and have the time, you may buy the updated edition. But, just to be clear, I am writing the updated edition mainly for those people who've not read the original edition. But by all means, if you've loved the original edition (quite a few people have loved, or at least liked it), you'll definitely enjoy the updated edition. That's all. Stay tuned for the launch of the updated edition!

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