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Do you love reading crime thrillers? Think of the most dangerous and intelligent criminal you know of. What if I can introduce you to a much more dangerous, and much more intelligent criminal? This criminal is revered and worshiped by most people, and the brightest detectives have been investigating his crimes for thousands of years, but they have so far been unable to crack the case completely. This investigation, however, has revealed a lot about the strange nature of this criminal and his world. It’s an exciting story. I bet it’s better than even the best crime thriller you’ve read. And above all, this story is real and important. So, are you ready to read the greatest story ever? Stay tuned for Arpan's upcoming book The crimes of God! Enter your email below to stand a chance to get a free PDF of The crimes of God (once it's published). 

Thanks for your interest in The crimes of God! We'll email you further details soon!

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1. When can I order my copy of The crimes of God?

-> Considering the current stage of the project and the other responsibilities Arpan is swamped up with, it's unlikely that The crimes of God will be released anytime soon. Please keep an eye on this website for further updates.

2. Will it be anything like Our physics so far?

-> Actually, no. Our physics so far is just like any other popular science book on physics. The crimes of God is about physics as well, but it will be more like a crime thriller, where God is the criminal (his crime being creating the universe) and the physicists are the detectives investigating this crime. 

3. Do I need to read Our physics so far in order to properly understand The crimes of God?

-> Not at all. These are not textbooks, you don't need to read Our physics so far to make sense of The crimes of God.

4. What exactly is God's crime and why?

-> So before I answer that, let me emphasize that I have no intention of insulting anyone who believes in God. Of course, I don't believe in God, leave alone the idea that he could be a criminal. The crimes of God is supposed to be a popular science book on physics written like a crime thriller and so the title is The crimes of God. So yeah, what's the crime? According to me, the crime is manipulating a constant, stable and uniform state of existence to somehow set off a long series of events that led to the creation of the universe, and eventually life on Earth. This is a crime because this led to the creation of conscious beings (us) who don't have enough capacity to understand the mysteries of their origin and existence. Like a lock without a key; a problem without a solution. In the book, we will try to build a key to open this lock. Let's see if we can bring God to justice!

5. Will everyone who submits his/her email (using the form above) get a free PDF of The crimes of God?

-> No. If you enter your email, it means that you have entered the competition and you stand a chance to get a free PDF; however, there's no guarantee. And the selection will not be based on luck. Once you submit your email (and once the book is ready), you will be asked to submit an essay describing the reason you want to read the book, your passion for physics etc.. Everyone who submits their essays (within the deadline, which will be informed later on this page), will be ranked and a free PDF of the book will be sent via email to the top five writers.

  • If you have any other question(s) or suggestion(s), feel free to send an email to

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