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Why Did I Decide To Write Our Physics So Far?

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

Update: The updated edition of Our Physics So Far is out now! Click here (India) or here (international) to order your copy now.


So yeah, I decided to write a popular science book on physics (Our Physics So Far), and finally, after a lot of struggle through the thickets of spacetime, consciousness, metaphysics and publishing, I got my book published with a fairly respectable publisher. But there are a lot of popular science books in the market, written by more qualified authors than myself. Then why did I decide to write this book in the first place? Well, the reason is pretty simple. One look at the subtitle of the book will be enough. A journey through spacetime, consciousness and the fundamental nature of reality. So my book is not just on physics (although mostly on physics), but on consciousness and metaphysics as well. In short, it describes humankind's journey exploring the fundamental nature of reality. I remember my deceased grandfather asking me about Einstein's theory of gravity. (Although he had no degree in science, he was the first from his village to get a Masters, and his humble background and constant struggle in life has always awed and inspired me greatly.) I regret I didn't spend more time with the curious, old person who was always so interested in science. (I did spend enough time with him, definitely much more time than most grandchildren nowadays spare to their grandparents, but we never discussed physics that deeply. It was mostly about life, ethics and philosophy.) I wrote this book simply because I wish to communicate science to the curious audience. This book is for everyone. This is our story so far. I have always loved reading books like Stephen Hawking’s A Brief History Of Time and Kaku’s Hyperspace. The way the authors communicated science, in simple terms, inspired me greatly. From then on, I have always wanted to write a book that would explain, to the laymen, where we currently stand in terms of understanding the universe and consciousness, how we came here and where we are bound to reach.

Here's a discussion on the different parts of the book. In Part 1, Physics And The Universe, you learn about cosmology, the origins of the universe and physics. In Part 2, Relativity, you learn about – well, that’s pretty obvious – Einstein’s theory of relativity. Both the special and the general theory. In Part 3, Quantum Mechanics, you journey through the mysterious quantum world and feed your brain a basic understanding of the theory that has revolutionized the field of science. Then, we come to the philosophical interpretation of quantum mechanics. However, relativity and basic quantum mechanics are part of known physics, and that isn’t all that goes on in modern physics. In Part 4, Physics Today, you get to know what physicists are doing today, what is the goal of modern physics, how to deal with paradoxes like the information paradox, and how would a final theory, if ever we discover one, affect us. I interviewed the renowned physicist Edward Witten and asked him some of these questions, and more. You also learn what he said. In Part 5, Consciousness And Chaos, you learn about an entirely new and different science. Chaos theory. What does that even mean? What are fractals? After exploring a little of the world through the lenses of chaos theory, we turn to consciousness. One of the most bizarre and bewildering phenomena that is still somewhat beyond the reach of science. Is there a link between consciousness and chaos? We attempt to answer that. Then, in the final part, Deductions And Paradoxes, we wrap up the journey with two discussions. First, how does the human mind make deductions? How do we gain insights? And how to do it like – who else? – Sherlock Holmes? Then, finally, we turn our attention to paradoxes. Fundamental, logical contradictions. How to deal with paradoxes, and what they are actually telling us about the fundamental nature of reality.

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