1. I have read your book and would like to have a discussion with you on physics/metaphysics. Is it possible?

- Definitely yes! I am always looking for people to discuss physics/metaphysics with, regardless of whether you've read my book. Learning about your perspective really stimulates and helps me in my quest. Just drop me an email at arpand2004@gmail.com (preferably mention the gist of what you would like to say) and I will get back to you as soon as possible and then we can fix a date together to meet online.

2. Would you be interested in reading my research paper?

- I would recommend not sending your research paper to me (or anyone else unless you trust that person and he/she is qualified to give advice). You can dig up some good journals online and submit your paper there. If you are young (still a high school student), I would recommend submitting your paper to the Young Scientists Journal here.

3. I am a singer/songwriter/musician and I would like to collaborate with you on a track. Is it possible?
- Actually, yes! I am open to collaborations (as long as it is a free collaboration), and if we do make a track together and I release it, I will always mention you as a featured artist. However, if you want me to help you with one of your releases, I am quite picky about that. I may agree, or I may not, depending on your material. But I won't say no to really good material. So feel free to hit me up.

4. I would like to join the Young Scientists Journal as an editor. Would you be able to help, being a member of the editorial team?

- No. I can do nothing about it. You can click here to visit our website. You will get all the information about the open positions and apply there. Anyone can apply, you don't need any help from any insider for that. All the best!

5. I have written an article which I wish to submit to the YSJ. Could you take a look at it before I submit, just to make sure everything's okay?

- No. I can't do that. Once you submit your article to our system, a subject editor will take a look and perform a plagiarism check. If your article is alright, it will be accepted.

6. Do you believe physics can explain consciousness?

- There are a lot of theories about consciousness and physics, and in general, I do believe physics, neuroscience and computer science can explain consciousness in the future. However, I'm still in the process of researching and have not come to any firm conclusion yet. 

7. I would like to join the Journal of Young Physicists as a contributor/editor. How to do it?
- We are looking for contributors and editors. As a contributor, all you need to do is write short physics articles for us. Not too many. You just need to contribute a few hours per month. Or less, depending on your other commitments. You can click here for more information.

8. Would you agree to speak at my/our event about physics/consciousness/your journey?

- I would surely love to, but it depends on your location and other factors. However, feel free to contact me about it. If I can make it, I will go. Else, I am always ready to speak at your online event.