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I am me and they are they

The world's beautiful they say

Oh no it very well is not

It's easy for you to not see

To not see the harsh reality

To not see the hardships we face

The injustice we've to put up with

It's gonna be the world versus me


Where money can straighten all curves

And make lines curved

Where there's absolutely no justice

I don't get this world


It's time to stop cooperating

It's time to shut them out fully

It's time to go into hiding

And plan, plan, plan a revenge

Oh I am fed up with the world

With the system they've created

With pretty much everything

It's gonna be the world versus me


A world where everything is so unfair

Where everything is sold

To those who have the money to buy

I don't get this world


Oh, the plans to take over the world

To turn them against themselves

To sit and watch them finish one another

And just relish every bit of it

All faded away into nothingness

It was all in vain pretty much

For even if I can beat them in the end

But, well, I can't beat death

I will change the world, I said

In my heart of hearts, I knew I could

I will take down everything I hate

Or I will simply die trying

But then I said to myself slowly

Well, I have to die in the end

So why not enjoy the life instead?

No, I can't do that in this world

So you see I am stuck either way

And after giving the matter some thought

I decided to choose the rebellious path

And I openly declare war against the world

I will soon go into hiding

But I will emerge one day in the future

For all the innocent people who've been wronged

I am coming for you, I really am


Why struggle?

Why fight for a better world?

Don't you realize?

You're running out of time?

You'll go one day

Your efforts will fade away

Life is too short

No point struggling


Perhaps my life is but a long nightmare

I'd wake up to find a better world

For this isn't how the world should be

I don't get this world


A thousand fears lie underneath

Yet I'm so alive being so close to death

And till I've taken my revenge I bet

I'm bewitched to live and breathe


It will be the world versus me

And if you choose to join me

It's gonna be the world versus us

Oh it's gonna be the world versus us

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