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Wish it was difficult to keep my eyes open

Oh the overwhelming desire to fall asleep

To fall into a deep, deep trance

And from life, take a very long leave


No longer a part of this world

I'm fed up

I'm overwhelmed

I'm in an impasse

A thousand emotions

Fighting to take over

I'm done, blank

I can't think more


Wild thoughts chasing around my head Hairs turning white with time

A mind that is decaying with my body

I say so, yes, but I'm not fine


No longer a part of this world

It feels strange

Kinda satisfying

A twisted happiness

I've lost the power

To control my worries

They are controlling me

I can't think more


A frown that remains as long as I'm awake

And I'm never able to describe

That magical moment I just fall asleep And enter someone else's life


No longer a part of this world

I'm wondering

How much more?

I trust nobody

Yet I'm betrayed

It's too hard to resist

It's my new normal

I can't think more

Unsettled blissArpan Amplified
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