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Cleared for takeoff, Runway 03

Flaps down, full throttle
Shoot up like a space shuttle
V1 VR V2 we're off (off-off)

Hello passengers captain speaking... Welcome abroad the flight...

Baby we are all set
The roar of the mighty jet
FL300 we're flying (flying)

Cleared to land, Runway 27

It's all over too fast
We wanted this to last
CAT 3 ILS we're down (down)

Oh wake up let's get ready (I'm restless)
The triple seven's waiting for us (for us)
Let's go down that jet bridge
Or board an airline bus (airline bus)

It's gonna be one hell of a ride (believer)
Let's just be off, triple seven (off to the Satan)
Let's just hijack the jet (triple seven)
And take it deep into the heaven (we're moving away from us)

Oh oh oh oh oh
I don't love ya cuz I'm 'fraid of losin' ya

We have a headwind of 20 knots, so the wind is against us, but we'll use it to our advantage, it'll make the take off easier... Don't give a damn if the world is against you, just fly high...

Oh oh oh oh oh

I don't love ya cuz I'm 'fraid of losin' ya



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