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Quotes by Arpan Dey

"Ordered complexity is a fortunate product of random processes."

"Life is our quest to find meaning in an inherently meaningless world."

"There's no feeling that can't be generated, at least in theory, by manipulating the levels of different chemicals in the brain."

"The sky is what we all have in common."

"Science is cold and impersonal, but we humans are emotional. Indeed, I sometimes find myself hoping that I were a supercomputer instead of a human."

"The world is not beautiful but staying alive is wonderful."

"Music is a subtle balance between predictability and unpredictability."

"Science is both a boon and a curse, and although we are making great advancements in science and technology, there are a lot of things to worry about. For there is always a chance of disaster when we are tampering with really big and deep things about which we understand very little."

"Nothing can be a substitute for truth."

"Never be satisfied with your success. You don't deserve a break, you deserve more success. So work hard, go ahead and grab it."

"Although it feels like we are free agents, at the end of the day, we are ultimately a complex collection of atoms constrained by the laws of physics, stranded in this meaningless world for a short period of time. We are born, we spend a few years trying to find something to live for, and even die for, and then ultimately we all succumb to death. We don’t have forever."

"The more you learn to ignore your emotions and isolate yourself from the world, the wiser you become as a person. That’s why I love the concept of nihilism. Nihilism helps me keep my emotions under control and maintain an indifferent attitude toward life, which, I think, is very important."

"All you need to do is fly. It's up to you whether you'd rather be a bird or an airplane."

"Do science to know, not to show."

"Whenever things start going against you, remember that you are writing a story that will one day take the world by storm."

"It's so very hard to live life, but it's harder to die. We have to live."

"Don't be a product of the system, be yourself."

"It's usually not enough to just work on improving your chances of success, you should also focus on decreasing your opponents' chances of success."

"I don't expect the universe to make sense to me, but the fact that I don't even get just this world around me bothers me sometimes."

"Always consider yourself lucky. So many things could have gone wrong; it could have been worse."

"Be ready to lose this game, because you need to win bigger games in the future."

"At the end of the day, it's you, and you alone."

"I don't get this world, but I refuse to give up."

"I have no trouble believing that consciousness is an emergent phenomenon, and many consciousnesses have emerged from physical matter in the same, objective reality. Oneness might seem to be a very appealing idea, but we don't have enough scientific evidence that supports oneness, in my opinion. In other words, I think reality exists objectively, independently of our minds."

"New developments in science usually don’t prove that our older theories are incorrect, rather that they are special cases, applicable under some special circumstances, of a more general theory."

"Philosophy and metaphysics create a world of their own and allow you to explore it, but they never converge to the truth. Science converges to the truth."

"Right now, we have a lot of threads or information. We are just trying to find the best needle that can knit a complete theory of the universe using all these threads."

"It's better to walk your own path alone than waste your time doing what thousands of people have done before, and what thousands of people are blindly doing now."

"Nothing really matters in the end."

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